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DIY Disasters

DIY Disasters

DIY Disasters surge

The top disasters to avoid when carrying out home improvements

There has been a recent surge in DIY disasters over the recent months based on our survey carried out by Savanta of 1,000 homeowners in the south-east.  Being at home so much has clearly emboldened us all to fix all those little niggles we have around the home to varying degrees of success.

During lockdown, these DIY attempts have resulted in 22% of us having disasters and 15% of us having to call on the professionals to fix the problem. 

36% of us are discouraged from DIY, with 8% of us vowing to never attempt it again. It’s a very real problem and a potentially costly one at that.  Research from Co-op Insurance earlier this year showed that the average cost of putting right a DIY nightmare was a massive £2,271.

At Inno Construction we encourage everyone to have a go at simple DIY and often offer tips and tricks on our social media.  We’re always here to help when things go wrong and thought we would share the list of top DIY disasters we regularly see that should be attempted with care, or better yet, outsourced to professionals and as backed up by the Co-op Insurance study.

  • Burst water pipe (34%)
  • Plaster damage from putting up a shelf (19%)
  • Personal injury (18%)
  • Drilled into electrical wire (13%)
  • Drilled into gas pipe (13%)
  • Fell through the ceiling (10%)
  • Made a hole in the roof (10%)
  • Window fell out during fitting (9%)

As you can see DIY can be costly and dangerous.  We would always recommend a professional for any electrical or plumbing work.  Don’t put yourself or your home at risk.  Call a professional to help with your home improvement project and ensure it’s done correctly the first time.