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Post lockdown home improvement wish lists

Post lockdown home improvement wish lists

Having been stuck at home for three months, it seems we’ve all developed a love-hate relationship with our homes.  Our research commissioned by Savanta with 1,000 homeowners in the south-east shows that 31% of those planning to move in the next year are now planning to stay put.

Overseas holidays seem impossible at the moment, but this is giving many of us an unexpected opportunity, with 48% of us redirecting those funds into home improvements.  Staying at home has forced us to reassess our living space and try and turn them into the perfect home.

To give you inspiration, here are the top 6 home improvements,  we’re seeing a big surge in demand for.

  1. Bathroom renovation

41% of us have tired of our bathrooms, this by far is the most popular project we’re seeing at the moment.  With the increased time spent at home, it makes sense that we are bored with our water closets as they fray at the edges with overuse. A simple re-jig and re-fresh, you could get that hotel quality space for relaxation you have always dreamed of.  Plus of course, the value that this adds to your property.

Maybe it is an extra toilet you need by way of an ensuite, perfect for an adult hide-away from the kids.  Or perhaps you need an extra toilet created downstairs to keep perfect for guests when they’re eventually allowed to come to visit.

  • Home office

Working from home has become the norm.  It turns out many of us are even quite enjoying it, but there is no doubt we would enjoy it even more if we had a dedicated purpose-built space in which to work.  Going forward 34% of us intend to do more work from home, with 8% of us hoping to do it full time.  This will have a major impact on the use of our homes.  Making-do on your dining room table is not going to cut it in this new world and 9% of you agree, as you’re considering a home office extension to accommodate your new lifestyle.

To create the ideal space, perhaps a classic extension may be appropriate, or possibly creating an outbuilding in your garden.  A light and airy garden office could be combined with a bedroom to add even more value to the investment.

  • Kitchen update

Cooking all your meals at home for all the family at different times can be exhausting, particularly if you’re using your kitchen table to homeschool as well.  All the people in your house are under your feet, there’s not enough space to express your inner Nigela Lawson. 

As the third most popular project on our list, it seems 16% of you agree.  Perhaps it is time for a kitchen extension.  Sometimes even a redesign of the same space can afford you acres of preparation surface, or a more efficient system for storage.

We have experts that can make your kitchen work better for you.  It’s the heart of the home, so why not give it some love.

  • Loft Conversion

This is usually the place we chuck all our unwanted stuff, clogging up free space, ripe and ready for conversion into usable rooms.  In most cases, we can create one or two rooms as well as bathroom facilities, whilst still maintaining some storage space. 13% of those surveyed are seriously considering this a project in the next year.

Could your attic convert into a master bedroom with en-suite, or re-house the kids in a playroom-bedroom space of their own?

These can require planning permission, so make sure you look into this before starting any work. 

  • Extension/extra rooms

The feeling of just generally needing more space is really real at the moment.  We’re seeing

25% of people looking to expand their homes in various ways to add more living space.  More space allows for greater comfort, a home office, an extra bedroom or a playroom for the kids.

The trend for more open plan living as well as the in-door/out-door style, is ever more popular.  Creating large open living areas whilst bringing in the outdoors with bi-fold doors and sunlights creating light and space without costing the earth.  With 36% of us focusing on our outside space, maybe its time to make it part of your inside.

We can help with single or even double story extensions.  Again, as with any external work, you’ll need planning approval before work can start.

  • Storage Solutions

33% of us are frustrated with the lack of storage space in our home.  We’ve worked with many clients to transform the tiniest of spaces, so don’t give up hope that you can’t get organised if you don’t have much room. Think about creating seating nooks with hidden space for storage.  Why not add a porch to house your shoes and coats? Or a built-in wardrobe system can create double space with a free-standing unit, utilising the whole breadth of the wall.

Make the most of what you have.

You would be surprised by the transformations that some of these projects can have, both on your lifestyle as well as adding value to your property. Isn’t it time to make your home work for you?